Charles Oldham with Barred OwlCharles (Chuck) Oldham began sculpting at the age of four, and has continued the family legacy begun by his great grandfather, Charles Dickenson, an architectural sculptor whose gargoyles and lions still grace historic Washington, DC, buildings.

After attending Philadelphia College of Art, an interest in natural history led to an association with the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, where Chuck became skilled in wildlife rehabilitation, a specialty that was to provide firsthand material for sculpting mammals and birds with precision and grace.

Chuck’s true-to-life renderings of wildlife subjects in dramatic compositions won commissions to create porcelain sculptures used by President Gerald Ford and President Jimmy Carter as gifts to European Heads-of-State.

Numerous private as well as corporate commissions included sculptures for The National Wildlife Federation and The Cousteau Society. In addition, he has created hundreds of original designs for the fine gift industry.

Moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1999, opened the door to creation of figurative works in bronze. This endeavor continued following a move to Sedona, Arizona, in 2000.

In 2002, Charles was honored with the designation as one of 8 "Titans of Bronze" in Arizona by Art Life Magazine.

In 2008, Charles Oldham relocated to the East coast, to the historic coastal community of Darien, Georgia, and in 2010, he moved his studio to the seaside town of Fernandina Beach, Florida.

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