Additional works by Charles Oldham.


Horizons - older boy detail - by Charles OldhamHorizons - younger boy detail - by Charles Oldham

Horizions, below. Detail from Horizons, above.  Clay designed for bronze.

Horizons, clay sculpture by Charles Oldham


Commemorative Humpback Whale: Charles Oldham with Jean Michel Cousteau

Commemorative Humpback Whale by Charles Oldham (for Cybis Porcelains and the Cousteau Society) with Jean-Michel Cousteau.


Baby Green Sea Turtles by Charles Oldham. Bronze.

Baby Green Sea Turtles, limited edition in bronze.


Great Horned Owl - clay in progress - by Charles Oldham

Great Horned Owl, clay in progress (feather detailing begun).


Gyrfalcon, porcelain sculpture for Cybis by Charles Oldham

Gyrfalcon (porcelain) for Cybis Porcelains.


Pueblo Woman clay figure by Charles Oldham

Pueblo Woman, 12" clay figure

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