People of the Sun, Lady of the Pearl

People of the Sun, Lady of the Pearl

Genesis story of the Yavapai Native Americans retold in an entrancing tale of love and mystery. The majestic sun is father of the first people of Sedona, Arizona, in a story that echoes the Bible story of the Great Flood. The Lady of the Pearl is sent out by her people from Montezuma’s Well. Escaping the ravages of the flood in a hollow log, she journeys to the summit of Mingus Mountain to meet the sun. She wears the authentic costume of the Yavapai, with her buckskin dress above the knees, "to escape the enemies."

Orignally to be a bronze edition of 30, but only 3 were actually produced (mold/original destroyed).
24” high.

Additional photos below...

People of the Sun - Sun God, close up.

Close up, Sun.


Lady of the Pearl, close up.

Close up, Lady of the Pearl (face lit with spotlight).

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